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NASDAQ: ALNY (Common):

Price: $79.50
Change (%): +1.04 (+1.33%)
Volume: 227,743
Data as of 12:07 PM ET on 07.20.2017
Minimum 20 Minute Delay
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Alnylam is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics based on RNA interference, or RNAi. The company is leading the translation of RNAi as a new class of innovative medicines with a core focus on RNAi therapeutics as genetic medicines, including programs as part of the company’s “Alnylam 5x15™” product strategy. Alnylam’s genetic medicine programs are RNAi therapeutics directed toward genetically defined targets for the treatment of serious, life-threatening diseases with limited treatment options for patients and their caregivers.

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